Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Best Day of Your Life

I woke up this morning in a completely neutral state. But my mind quickly ran to the idea of the excitement of this day. Not just this day, but everyday.

I hear people say, “I just have to make it through this day.”

And I think, “Why? So you can get through today to get to another day you can’t wait to get through? Then you get through day after day after day and in the end you die, and you say, ‘I waited my whole life for something to happen to me and all I did was die.’”

If you don’t like your today, you’re never going to like tomorrow. If today isn’t the best day of your life, then tomorrow sure wont be either.

What are you waiting for?

I wake every morning like I did this morning, with this knowledge that today will be the best day of my life with God. I won’t be waiting for something to happen to me. Instead, I will do what I am called to do, what we’re all called to do and it’s this: to obey God and serve him only. To seek him first and see life come to you and fill you.

I know on the calendar today I’ll be at MSP writing a few stories, then head off to Lifetime Fitness with hopes of making it to 10 p.m. without falling asleep. I might purchase a cup of coffee for myself as I do most days, and go to my office to sit behind a computer with my headphones in. But that’s just on the calendar. From the outside, it’s a regular day. It’s not my wedding day, or the day I graduate from seminary. It’s not the day I have my first child or win a Nobel Prize (this last one may or may not happen).

However, here’s what I’m excited for today.

The opportunity to hear and share the testimony of Christ, to love otherwise unloved people, to give money and time to things that aren’t for me, to abandon my wants and desires to be filled with God’s love and grace, peace and glory. To see the kingdom of heaven right here. RIGHT HERE!

What isn’t on my calendar but happened so far: Talking about Jesus with a woman on the bus, seeing a homeless man, giving him my Raisin Bran, buying him a cup of coffee, saying a prayer for him, and thinking I need to give more than my breakfast.

I’m thinking now, “God, please use me with these people to say your words, encourage and take on their burdens.”

I know later, I’ll go to Lifetime Fitness instead of canceling for free tickets to a Saint’s game, and I’ll pray while I wipe down mirrors, “Father, let me see the needs that you see. Let me be your hands and feet to Rodney, Duresa, Marissa, Conrad, PJ and anyone else I encounter. Let me love as you do.” And I’m excited to see God working.

My question to you, then, is: what are you waiting to get to that isn’t this moment? What are you doing that makes you feel like tomorrow will be better than right now?

Because if it isn’t being with a God who lavishes loves on you each moment, if it isn’t giving love to those around you, if it isn’t thinking higher than what’s going on today on a calendar, than you will never want to live for today. You will never be content. You will always be waiting for tomorrows.

I share this because I lived like that for too many years. And now I spend my days in perpetual want of more of what God has for me, which requires obedience and service to the utmost. It doesn’t seem like much when I feel so content with Him.

I want to encourage you to pray about this today. Pray about the situation that makes you say, “I can’t wait until…” Ask God to show you your true purpose. I guarantee your focus will turn off of your struggle and it will turn to God and others.

Selflessness. Service. Obedience. Peace. You’re going to make it through today.

Remember: It’s the best day of your life.


  1. Gee Whiz,
    It sounds like you're doing a lot. Congrats on that. Your rather uplifted spirit is inspiring, it heals my rather disturbed reading of the books of Ecclesiastes where he repeats over and over again that "Everything is meaningless," but, what does he know right? I mean, they just call him the wisest person in the Bible.

    I'm glad you got to preach the good news on the bus today. Does carrying her burdens mean listening to her (it certainly can)? But, did you feel her burden?

    You see, I'm the kind of guy who is a day-to-day guy. And some days, I'm looking just to get through it, because sometimes, life has to much pain to bare anything else than the hope of a better tomorrow. While certainly there is joy to be found, the grim truth of all of this is that the process of sanctification is one that walks through a refining fire. A fire that singes our soul, and castrates our heart, so that joy may be found in being more like him.

    I know the only way to live is to truly die. We all are asked to live two deaths in this life. The first is a mere mortal death, a certainty that should unite humanity and bring forth opportunities where we can share each others stories and participate in each others conversions. The second is a daily death in which I am asked to dive into the depths of my meaningless and hopeless existence and search for all the ways in which I participate in life that is void of faith, hope, and love.

    None of these are very true about me and it shows. I walk by the poor and turn my eye and pockets. I talk to broken people and I talk but do not listen. Even worse, I do not feel. Even worse, sometimes I try to fix them, like I'm "God" or something.

    What am I waiting for?

    I'm waiting for a revival. I'm waiting for life. Because sometimes, the only way to life is through death.

    So, this cannot possibly be the best day of my life. While I tread forth through these dark valleys, the only thing I cling to is that God's grace is sufficient to carry my broken heart nearer to him and someday, I too will be removed from exile.

    Have a great day sweetie :)

    The Prophet

    1. Who are you? I was in the deepest cavern of my life during that time. I saw God lift me out. Why be anonymous? We could commiserate over the brokenness, or we could share and breathe some life. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Years ago.