Friday, April 16, 2010

Awaiting Ch-ch-changes

Kicking around my Google Calendar, I've found that I have three time slots in life.

Tuesday nights, which I dedicate either to relationship building with fellow women of Substance or some God and Joy time. (I used to wait for my cell phone to chime, or dial every number in it when I felt lonely. Now, I just call on the right One. I haven't felt lonely in months. In fact, I wish I could be alone more often.)

Friday nights are my workout or spend time with friends nights. I either go swimming, rock climbing, or meet up with a friend for coffee, tea or burgers. Last week I climbed at Vertical Endeavors with Caroline and we went to the Blue Door Pub thereafter.

Last but not least, Saturday mornings. I typically spend these doing all the things I didn't during the week. Send out mail, laundry, meet with a friend, etc.

On the evenings already occupied by scheduled events, I do the following things:
-Lead a women's Bible study
-Work at Lifetime
-Go Deeper

Currently I work 60 hours between two jobs. One at Lifetime Fitness in Maple Grove and the other an internship with a magazine. Both are huge blessings.

Books in my purse include: Confessions by Augustine and The Cost of Discipleship. Oh and always, my Bible.

Podcasts I'm listening to:, Coffee with Christine Cole, Show Time Spanish. That's right, picking up the ol' EspaƱol.

Here's the real news. I am about to undergo some changes in the housing and job department.

I spent a great deal praying about the following changes. I am at peace with whatever doors open.

Housing: This summer I'll move to Forest Lake to live with great and beloved family friends the Corcorans. I feel a great peace about moving 30 miles from the city because I know God is going to do some great things in me by living with a great family. I love the Corcorans, especially the boys. Ryan, Nate and Dylan are my little bro's. I am excited to spend more time with them, if even for just a few months. So move out date from my sister's apartment in the lovely, and ever-so-charming Golden Valley is May 29.

Job: Because the hike from Maple Grove to Forest Lake could be both money and gas consuming, I'll likely transfer Lifetimes. I have considered the following: Fridley, Roseville and Minneapolis. Pray for me.

The best bet is the gym in Minneapolis. I could potentially get a raise and better hours. The internship will be over, which is sad but good. I'm going to pick up stories again as a freelancer with the Star Tribune and maybe do some freelance modeling. We'll see how the latter goes.

The one thing I've learned to do in life is change. We will forever change, this I know is true. So asking the Lord to take us through it all is exactly what we are to do.

So, if you think of it, pray for me to keep some peace as I transition into some new territory. Having 3 little brothers and new job venue can be a difficult change but will be refreshing.

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